Name: Coal » Iron Rank Upgrade
Price: 10.00

This package will upgrade your account from the Coal Rank to the Iron Rank on Skyblock. Level up your experience and unlock a wider range of unique features on the server!

The following list provides full information on the contents of this rank:


  • /compass: Find your compass location
  • /workbench: Open a virtual workbench
  • /enderchest: Open a virtual enderchest
  • /tptoggle: Toggle teleportation requests off
  • /fly: Toggle flight mode on or off


  • Join full server: Join any gamemode while it is full


  • Kits: Receive access to the Iron Kit
  • Vaults: Access up to 4 personal vaults
  • Homes: Create up to 4 personal homes
  • On-Time Bonus: Receive a one-time bonus of $2.500